Thursday, March 01, 2007

A year later...

Well Stephie and I didn't do the triathlon. So much has changed in a year and thank goodness most of it has been good. There have been a lot of hard times but at least I understand myself so much better. There is always something underneath it all.

So this year I am working on continuing improvements to my life and figuring out who I really am. I've been journalling a ton and with each new entry I learn more and more about myself. I've been reading many different kinds of books and feel like they are helping me on my journey. In fact I just read, or rather listened to the audio book, that said that writing is the new religion. By journalling I'm in fact praying to an higher source of power for help. And these prayers have been helping.

In fact I've opened a completely new chapter in my life. I have decided to start writing a book. I am in heaven! I have started the research and found that I miss college all over again. The trips to the library and doing research on the web, they all make me feel like I could make a difference. Maybe not a big social or political one, and possibly not even make a mark, but I know that someone might understand where I'm coming from and where I want to be. I will continue to see things in a different way than many people and I hope that someday I will find more people that understand where I am coming from! So far I've been lucky enough to have two people in my life that really know me. More than I know myself sometimes. If I didn't have them to make me think more and push myself more than I normally would, I would be a big couch potato.

So on I go with the book research and hopefully by this time next year I'll be on my next book and have a date for the publishing of my first book. I'm crossing my fingers, but for some reason I don't feel that I really need to. I feel, for the first time, that I am really on the right path. That's saying something!

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