Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What a time to be thinking...

It's so hard to believe how much things can change so quickly. I've been pouring my little heart out over this novel, my new baby. I can't believe how quickly it can come to shape. Research started less than a month ago and hundreds of books later I finally started writing. Last Saturday was the magical day when serious writing came out and it hasn't stopped since. My head hurts a little from all the concentration on the book, but it's well worth the headache. 20 pages later, I'm pretty impressed. But now comes the procrastination. My goal is only 4000 words tonight. That's only about 14 pages! And another 10 pages tomorrow. Can I do it? Yes, I can. As Bob the Builder would say. Man do I miss kids! But seriously, I somehow know that this is the right thing to be doing with my life. It's strange how the world works. I hated history in high school and now I'm writing a piece of historical fiction. The research is wonderful and it hilarious to see how much I have learned in this short period of time. I need to thank Margaret George, author of Memoirs of Cleopatra, for giving me the inspiration to say, "What if?"

Life in New Glarus is otherwise uneventful. We continue to wait for the snow to melt to start projects and for the commission checks to come in from work for me. Sales are still slow at Highland Manor, but I am expecting a great year as is my new boss! Hopefully the weather will start to get better so that it starts to pick up again.

Well I better get back to writing. Can't keep putting it off anymore!

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