Sunday, March 18, 2007

when it rains, it pours

What a difference a week can make! The busy season has begun at Highland Manor. I'm taking offers on homes like crazy. I think I might be setting records this year! At least I'm hoping so!

So what made this week so different? In one week I took four offers. I have another appointment on Monday for another offer. I have someone interested in my most expensive and least expensive homes. Well, truthfully, I have two someones interested in the least expensive home. But that's how it goes this time of year. Can I keep up? I'm not sure at this point! LOL! I have a stack of offers and leads I have to contact on Monday. Well actually I should be contacting them right now, but there was no way to do it on Friday or Saturday. I had six appointments for Saturday! Kinda crazy considering that I'm only supposed to be there for 3 hours. Six and a half hours later I was still trying to get out of work. I could have spent another couple hours going through everything. But I love it and I love being busy.

I plan on selling around 30 homes this year. I'm a little behind at only having one closing so far this year, but I plan on changing that this month. Guess that's pretty obvious with the amount of offers I'm taking right now. And I have a feeling that I might be able to go over that. The founders of Uniprop asked me to sell 48 homes this year. I think it might be a stretch but I might be able to do it. With this type of traffic coming in you never know what will happen. We might need to rethink only 10 new homes being brought in! I think I might be able to bring in at least 15 new homes this year. And the residents are super helpful. They give me great ideas and are really starting to refer people to Highland Manor! Boy does that help! We are going to have an awesome year!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great about all the homes. Maybe things will realy come together for you and Nick . Keep up the good work on your book, you make your Dad proud.
Love, Dad