Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where to go from here?

Okay so most of you know that I am a anal retentive person about lists and always trying to get organized and planning and all the jazz! Boy do I wish I could give that up sometimes. It's exhausting. Since I rarely fly by the seat of my pants it feels like I'm constantly trying to work out when I'll be doing what and figure out how to finish all that I would like to do with this life!

I haven't got much done with the book but it is more organized so I can go through it a little easier! I am very happy about that. I am hoping that over the next couple days I'll have some time to work on it since I have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. I'm really hoping to get a lot of things done, but we'll see.

Okay, well it's time to get some work done, we'll see how much I can get done before 2:30! Wish me luck!

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Realizations Every Day

I swear it's amazing how you can do the same thing day in and day out and suddenly it hits you, why? I had one of those moments last night. I was doing my last check in with the girls before I went to bed. I looked at those beautiful little babes and I was in love all over again. The best part of it was I want to be a better person because of those girls. I learn so much from them and I know that they are learning a lot from me. I want them to have the best they can possibly have and I'm sure that every parent does. I realized that slowly what I do will shape these little girls minds and so I better be on my best behavior. Mia waved at the cat yesterday, she waved and me several times today and giggled at how proud she was of herself. And then Katrina tonight decided to join right in. So I had two smiling little girls waving at me and all I could do was laugh!

So tonight I am bringing out my book. No more excuses. No more bologna. It's time to work and make my little girls proud of me. I will do it for my girls so they can see we can all reach our dreams.