Wednesday, January 18, 2006

About damn time...

Okay so life hasn't been the kindest lately and challenges keep slapping me in the face every time I turn, but today I have seen the light!

I don't know if it's the combination of work/play/work/sleep/work/family that has been driving me batty, but I think I'm finally figuring it out. Stephie and I are participating in our first sprint triathlon at the end of March and then a longer one in June! I am so excited about the prospect of this little non-athlete becoming super athlete. I've never run in my life, well up until last year it was a little impossible to do any way. Last year I started biking. Actually it was so much fun because I got to share it with Haley. I would borrow Mary's bike and we would take our 3-5 mile bike rides and point out the doggies and sing songs along the way. Can't wait til it warms up to do it again! As for this swim, I'm a little scared! I have not really swam since junior high and that was about the time I learned I had asthma so that was pretty pathetic. Almost everyday I go to the gym and log my time in at the bike, treadmill, and that scary pool! Maybe not all at the same time, but I've been completing quite a few bricks so I know I can complete them in no time flat! Our first triathlon will be in March in Whitewater. This one I'm really excited about because I know that I can do the 5 mile bike and the 2 mile run shouldn't be so bad. But that 1/4 mile swim is making me shake. Today I struggled with 200 yards and I still have 300 yards to go. But I haven't given up. That pool is calling my name again and I plan on tackling another 200+ yards tonight.

And the reason for my sudden rush of adreneline? I have a buyer! I haven't had a real sale in almost 4 months. That's a long dry spell. And I sold our most expensive home! Yeah me! I'm so excited I think that I could almost run the full 2 miles right now! I'm hoping that this is the starting point of a good year! I know that I've needed to make changes, and I've slowly been evaluating myself and my goals. Things are starting to look up and I can't complain at all! Plus I have a birthday around the corner. I love my birthday so I have to have things under control by then!

I better sign off for now before I lose that rush!