Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sorry it's been awhile...

I have been trying very hard to keep getting myself together. It seems like a never ending task. All I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep for days!

Okay well, I haven't been sleeping for days so here's what's been going on. Been working on trying to find out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I hate that there are so many things that make the decision so hard. My favorite question, "What if", is becoming a big pain in the you-know-what!

The writing has temporarily stopped again since things have picked up at Highland Manor again. I'm trying to get my schedule all worked out for it since things get all messed up pretty quickly when you have others dictating your schedule. But I closed on two homes for April and looks like possibly at least three at this point for May. I can handle waiting a little bit on writing if I'm not going to be broke all the time!

Reading is going great! I finished a book on Mary Queen of Scots, but already forgot the auther, but was really good. Read The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud and that was okay. A little harder to read but I'm continuing on with the series to see how things proceed. Started The golem's eye which is the next in the trilogy. I also finished 19 Minutes which was absolutely awesome. Not the all-time favorite, but for a murder suspense book, it was pretty good. Unlike The Innocent Man by John Grisham which I didn't care for, but it's not my kind of book in the first place. I'm also reading Stupid White Men by Michael Moore. I do think that Michael Moore is a little extreme, but it's hilarious what he says.

Well I suppose I better go. I know we are supposed to have rain showers today but I better make sure that the flowers are ready for the so they can actually sprout! I will try to be better about my blog again and not keep the postings so far and few between!