Sunday, March 02, 2008

Too tired to move!

I guess it's been quite some time since i actually sat down and let anyone know what's going on. I swear that I am having a hard time knowing what day it is anymore. It's been super busy with my job, the chocolates, and all the other stuff that keeps coming my way.

The job is going great! Thank god we haven't had anymore snow! We are actually getting back to normal, but of course Spring Break is coming so it will get all messed up again. The kids are getting better and better so that's great! I am now working with the kindergartners instead of the big kids and they are so much fun. I love the age! I've been really busy trying to get office hours in and helping Small World with their annual Spring Raffle and lunch with the Easter Bunny. It looks like it's going to be a huge success and I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed.

The writing is going, but it's been in spurts like usual. Since last week was so crazy I'm hoping that I can get back to it next week a little harder. We'll see, it's hard to see what this week will bring.

The chocolates are going great! Just finished up the Valentine's Day season and just can't wait to see what happens for Easter. Tewfic has been doing updates on the website so we should be really stylin' soon. Go check it out at

Well I suppose I better get going for now. I'm pretty beat since I was up late babysitting. Think it's time to go lay down on the couch. I promise to write more often!