Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where is my head?

You know how sometimes your life just feels like it speeds by you. I am definitely having one of those days. I wish that I could have gotten somethings done but rather felt like I was in slow motion all day. My favorite part was Haley falling asleep all snuggled up to me. She curled up to watch Sleeping Beauty. I asked her if she was going to sleep and she nodded her head yes and closed her eyes. Today I proved that I should have no problems with the kids next week even though I was running so slow. I kept one step ahead of Haley this time and I started planning ahead for what I want to do with the kids next week. I've been researching story times and toddler time and all those goodies to keep us occupied. Although I think that we'll wing it most of the time at least in the beginning. I need to see what the kids like first.

In other news, there is no other news. HA! I've just been plugging away at house stuff. Hopefully I will finish it all before I start the new job.

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