Sunday, August 19, 2007

Little bit of nothing

Yesterday was the first time I've goofed off in forever. The neighbors came over and we watched movies all afternoon! I forgot how important it is to just have fun!
So what's my new goal! Making sure to have fun everyday and stop making everything so serious. The good news is that I'm working with kids so I can't take everything so damn serious. No, I'm not abandoning my whole way of life. I'm sure I'll still be planning and working hard, but I need to make sure that I get that fun in there too. As I was thinking about this, I remembered this photo from Haley's 3rd birthday party. She reminds me to just have fun. Pretending isn't a bad thing and making believe is just a great way to escape reality. You can be whatever you want to be. Guess that's why I love writing so much. I get to escape this reality and shape my own!
So today I'm going to start writing again and making sure I bring a little nonsense and fun into my life! LOL!
Well I better run! There's a novel calling me back!

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