Sunday, August 26, 2007

Now I know I'm anal...

Okay I knew it before but once i started really getting into organizing our house I realized how bad I really am. I have my binders set up with my marketing plan for Mary Kay, a binder for my new job, and of course the Planning Workbook that I've had for the last year. Then I have all my little notebooks all lined up: Writing journal, two separate book notebooks, and then my everyday journal. I have these little index card boxes with all different ideas for books, home, etc. I swear if I could get more anal it would be a miracle!

Okay, but things are great otherwise. It feels good to be purging and getting all this old stuff out of the way. Our computer is complaining though. I have almost 100GB filled on the computer. Well over 20 is our music, but that's pretty scary. So now I have to organize things on to cd's and get them put away so I don't have to worry about them any longer. LOL! Like that's going to happen. At least I have things cleaned up and feel a lot better!

The writing has been going very well lately. I have gotten the opportunity to write a little each day. Although it's hard to pick up where I left off several months ago. You can tell where I got bored or just didn't know how to fill in the story. All of the sudden I will have like a three paragraph chapter. It's very pathetic. But it's filling out now and I feel very confident that I can get at least one done by the end of the year. And hopefully I can actually get both done.

Now I just have to take this week to prepare for the new job. I'm not worried about the activities or keeping the kids occupied, I'm worried about keeping up with them. I'm really not in shape right now so I'm hoping this week I can work a lot on stretching and getting some much needed exercise in.

Well I suppose I better go work on the bathroom. That wall paper isn't coming down on it's own, although it is coming up in spots on it's own!LOL! I get that one thing done then I can sit down, relax and write a little.

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