Friday, August 24, 2007

Starting over is grand...

It seems that life isn't all about work and I'm finally getting a chance to see that! LOL! This week has been great for getting a ton of things done around the house finally. I thought Nick was going to freak out for a moment when he saw me ripping down the wallpaper in the entryway but even with the two tone paint it looks much better than the 80's country wallpaper.

So how am I really doing. I miss Highland Manor, I've even been dreaming about it, but it really does feel good to have a new adventure. I've been writing, and cleaning, and hanging out with my neice and the kids next door. I've been scanning in papers, and cleaning out office supplies, and whenever I get a chance I read! I don't know why but I think that my life has gotten simpler with my leaving Highland Manor. Maybe I was just too wrapped up in it that it permeated the rest of my life. I'll definitely need some clear boundries with the new job, but I don't see it as being as much of a problem.

Well I best run and get all my chores done for the day. I feel a very productive day coming on! Thank the heavens!

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