Saturday, April 14, 2007

Too busy? Too stressed? Or just too lazy?

Well I'm hoping that the last item is not the case, but the writing has gone terribly of course. I have written less than five pages this week. I wish it was at least 50, but I can't seem to get back on track. It's almost like I can't find that voice that started me out. I did get some writing done last night while babysitting, but not much. So here I am on a Saturday night, almost Sunday morning, thinking that maybe my blog is the perfect way to start off writing again. Maybe a few lines in my journal. Or maybe not. I can always do that tomorrow. And then there are all those little things in the back of my head, like I could quick dust and vacuum the house. I got half of it dusted tonight before watching a movie, but I still have the other half and the vacuuming to do. But I also know that unless I start writing I won't do it tonight and there just won't be much time to tomorrow. I wish that there was some way to be able to live this dual life more harmoniously. I somehow wish that I knew how to better separate this lives and yet let them live together better.

Guess I better get writing. I have some inspiring music on and am starting to get sleepy so it's the best time to get dreaming!

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Kristi Christen said...

Hang in there girl!! I know about as good as anyone else out there how rough it can be, and how easy it would be to just give up. What you have to remember about your book is that on a computer it might only be 56 pages, but when it is published in harcover, those pages are formatted smaller so you actually have like 120 pages! lol.