Saturday, April 07, 2007

Life is never dull...

Well we had a great time for Grandpa Storkson's birthday yesterday! Aunt Connie came up from Georgia to surprise him and it was a wonderful visit. I really miss her and her family and it's hard to know they are so far away. I've talked a lot lately about the importance of family and how I don't think I could ever live so far away. No offense guys, but sometimes I really wished we lived far, far away. But I just can't imagine it completely. I know that they are doing what is best for them and their family and that is the most important thing.

It's been really hard lately with all the stuff going on around here and last night I again realized how much I love my family. I spent all afternoon and night with them and I really didn't feel like leaving. It was the first time in awhile where I felt like I belonged again. That might sound really sad, but I'm not meaning it too. It just shows that I have been so wrapped up in keeping up with everything and making sure life goes right that I almost forgot that I do have people I can really trust and that will love me no matter what!

Free kitty to anyone who wants her!

Well she finally did it! Princess Kiki knocked another plant down. I figured that the tippy table and the large planter would prevent her from jumping up on it, but no, she likes a challenge. Now my corner in the entryway is bare. Just an empty table for her to jump on and the plant is up high so it's hitting the ceiling. I swear we need to lock that girl up and put her on meds. I'm actually thinking of giving her catnip to help her calm down. That used to help for Kermie when he would get all wound up. Although I don't think that he was ever as wound up as her.

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