Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can I just get back to normal?

LOL! Now that's a joke! I'm not even sure what normal is. Just when I think I'm back to a calm existence I realize that I have about five million things to do for something else.

The good news is my job has calmed down a lot. The kids are settled into their new home and Beau is a beautiful baby that doesn't fuss a lot. Nick and I went over there for dinner on Friday night and had a blast. Beth and Brad are great people and I love working for them!

Well the rest of my stuff has been on a little bit of a stand still since I've been working so hard with the boys and I'm so tired by the time I get home. My Mary Kay business has been doing pretty well and I'm looking forward to my open house this year on the first of December. I have everything planned and I am hoping to get all my stuff ready for it way in advance this time. I have the flyers going out early this week so I should be in good shape. The chocolate business is starting off here soon. Tewfic, my partner in chocolate crime, is finishing up the website right now and we'll be ready to rock and roll. Let me know if you ever want a sample and I can get you a few to try! Here's the website so you can check it out They might seem a bit expensive but they are really, really good. Plus you are helping a good cause, ME! LOL!

The house is kinda at a stand still on home projects until probably after the holidays. It seems like all your energy gets sucked up so easily this time of year. I started checking out my holiday address list for Christmas cards. I'll have them done for Thanksgiving so I can get them out by the first of December. I truly love the holidays though. I'm looking forward to putting up the decorations and baking Christmas cookies, especially with the new stove. I'm going to try making a few new treats this year and be sharing as much as I can!

Well I suppose I better get back to money-making work. You know, since it's Sunday morning and I should be resting. Especially since we came home late and I didn't get to bed until 2AM, but that's fine. Guess it means I have to take a nap today! YAY!

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