Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A New Beginning

Well today was my first official day of my new nanny job. It's a little bit different but I'm so happy I switched. This is going to be the best thing ever. Both little boys are sweethearts. In fact, Brady, the five year old, didn't want me to leave today. But I promised him that I would be back in the morning and he was cool with that! This week is all about setting their schedules and making it a learning experience instead of just being able to stay home and play all day. Not that there is anything wrong with playing but kids need a type of play that helps them learn. Anyways, I'm having fun and enjoying my new family!

But I'm not so sure about the Target thing. I have never worked for a large company and I just don't know about this. I was the last cashier last night at 10 when the store closed and do you think that I could find my trainer, NO! I still don't know where he went but I figured I'd just help someone straighten things up until my shift was supposed to be over. But of course I got hooked up with this crazy lady that wanted to talk about everything and let me know her whole life story! At least this is just a temporary thing. Soon they'll have me on the sales floor and I'll know exactly what I'm doing. Plus I'm only planning on staying till the end of the year. Hopefully things will be much different by that time. Plus I'll have an extra little one that I will be watching at my full time job so I'll be just too tired to continue with both jobs.

My first day at my new job and guess what I got to do for the first hour of work! WRITE! The kids slept in so I got out my notebook and started plugging away. It's unbelievable how long it's taking considering this is kind of my second draft. But each page is generating an additional 2-5 pages of writing which I'm super excited for! That means that the measly little 75 pages it was could actually get to be about 300 pages easily. And that's only the second draft. But the third draft I figure I'm going to start cutting again or at least tweaking the details. I can tell some of the writing coming out isn't exactly what I want it to be.

And I got to read today too. While Bennett was napping and Brady was watching a movie I got the opportunity to pull out my book and read for a little bit. I'm actually thinking about doing it again. Nick is gone bowling for the evening so I should just hop into bed with my book and see how far I can get before my eyes get too heavy. That actually sounds heavenly right now so I think I must go for now.

Oh, one quick side note! I'm so excited Stephie is coming home tomorrow! I can hardly wait. I have been missing her so much and this is the longest she's ever been abroad without visiting.

Okay, now I'm done and I can get back to my book!

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