Saturday, September 22, 2007

A little bit slow...

Long time, no write! I have been so busy trying to keep up I keep saying I'm going to update my blog but never get the time. So for some reason I was up before 6AM on a Saturday so I'm busy catching up with all the good stuff I've been too tired to do lately!

For all you out there wondering....I LOVE MY NEW JOB!!!!!!! Okay, it does take some getting used to but the kids and the family are great! I'm still a little nervous about the whole baby thing and they just got a puppy too! They are super sweet and the pup is going with them every day to work so I don't have to worry about cleaning up after him. The boys and I are getting into a schedule, not that it works all the time but each day gets better and better. I love the kids to pieces and Brad and Beth are making me feel so welcome! I get constant feedback also which is great after not knowing for sure what was going on ever.

At least I still have time to read and write! I take my book (well both books, the one I'm reading and the one I'm writing) to work on while we have Nap/Quiet Time. I haven't read any to die for books lately, just a lot of fluff, but it's been fun. And the writing is getting better and better. Plus I feel like I have it a lot more organized in my head. I'm taking notes on what I want to add and where the book is going. Actually what is funny, is that I know about the ending more than I know about the beginning. I have the second half of the story pretty much finished. It's the first half of the book that's causing all the problems. All the characters and the deaths of main characters (well they aren't really main characters, they just seem like it right now....another thing to fix) are making my head spin. Then I look and I see that I might know what is going on but I still haven't given the reader enough information to make them see what is going on all around. But at least I'm more concience of it now. I have started making outlines and have lists of what I need to add. I'm so excited though. I've gotten twenty pages of really good writing done in the last couple weeks and a lot more notes to add about another 30 pages. If I keep going this way I'll be able to get the book done by the end of the year. That's my goal. I've already started working on the whole looking for a publisher. I got some research materials at the library so I can start sending out query letters and find an agent. Well I suppose some people are tired of hearing me blabber on about my book so I'll quit for now!

I realized that I'm a little sad this fall. I usually love fall so much, the hot apple cider, colors changing, pumpkins, SWEATER WEATHER!!!! There's so many great things that are associated with fall. But this is the first year I had a garden and I hated to pull all the stuff out of it. This week I started pulling the flowers out of the extra pots that weren't doing the best and pulled up the fence around the garden. The good news is that we are going to to a much bigger garden (Ha! Not like we have the room, but we are making the room) and then I can plant more stuff! I also learned that I don't need to plant so much yellow squash. I have so much in the freezer I don't know how I'm going to cook it all! I'm also hoping that I can plant some pumpkins next year!

Well I suppose I better get working on all the other stuff that needs to be done this morning. The sun in finally up so I might actually get my walk in early! Hope everyone is doing well!!!!

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