Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ok, so I do love to write, but who has the time?

I love my girls more than anything in this world, well my hubby ranks right up there too! But life just gets a little bit crazy and there is nothing I can do about it!

My youngest got pink eye last week, and my oldest and myself got it this week. Talk about nasty. Germs, GERMS, GERMS EVERYWHERE! So I have been busy cleaning like crazy, and getting called a germophob too! And then the rash started, little M had it every where. So what was the cause, well we thought it might be the fabric softener (reminder to get those wool dryer balls!) so I rewashed all of their clothes! Still had it, but the doc had us discontinue the antibiotic drops just in case, and guess what! It of course was the antibiotics. And guess what, K and I had the same reaction the next day! This is how life has felt for the last several months. Every time I think we are getting over the hump another bigger hill shows up. I still love my life and how things are going, believe me I know life isn't easy!

So I am looking forward to taking some time to write more and let you know what I've been working on lately. Besides all the sewing that I have been doing (well weeks ago) I have a table I am converting to an activity table for the girls. I was told that they are getting one for Christmas so this one will have to go in their room. That's fine by me, they need quiet activities to do in their room so this might be perfect!

Well it's breakfast time so I better get that cereal started! I promise not to be such a stranger!

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