Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ahhhhhhh...I love mornings

Wow, it's 6:15am and no girls awake! Yay! This mommy feels like a million bucks. Yeah I might still be in my pj's and now on the computer, but the list of things that I've already got done is more than I have gotten the last two days! Okay, so I should be hanging my first load of laundry on the line, but I'll get there shortly.

I've been thinking a lot cause that's about all I have time for and I am realizing how different I am as a mommy than I ever was as a non-mommy. I am still pretty anal, but wow have I relaxed a lot. I've realized that with little changes I can do a lot more than I was before. Holding myself to all these high standards was guarantying that I was never going anywhere in my life and now I feel a lot better about how things are at this very moment. Sure I wish we could sell this house (if anyone out there is looking, please come take a look, we have seriously outgrown it), have a little more money, and that the girls would sleep until 6:30-7am every morning. But I am realistic and know that there isn't a lot I can do about it and it's not likely to change overnight. So I figure if I get a few little changes done every week or even every month I will be in good shape.

Well I was going to write more but right now I have a little one that is awake. At least it's Kat, she could stay in bed for a good 10-15 minutes before she will protest. Mommy put books in her little organizer hanging from her bed and she is very happy with that. And mommy loves that when she comes in to get her, she is happily reading. That is a very proud mommy moment!

Have a wonderful day and I am looking forward to writing more in the VERY near future.


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