Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coping with what life throws at you!

After the rough couple years I've had I realized how often that life seems to smoother. Of course there are bumps on the way but they are so small compared to what they used to be.

Our neighbor situation is on its way to being resolved. We are going to court with him on the day before Thanksgiving. Hopefully the driveway will not be closed off anymore and he'll give up on trying to give all of us such a hard time. I know I'm being overly optimistic but I gotta believe in something! Nick and I are social butterflies, well I'm more social when I can stick around home, if that makes sense. I wouldn't mind if they kept to themselves but to sit there and harass us when we are outside is just plain evil.

Everything else in life is pretty much the same as last time. Oh, except we got a new stove. I've loved baking even more since we moved into the house, but the last stove was a little hard to regulate. I'm so excited to bake some brownies this afternoon and actually have them turn out! Nick says I have to learn to make them from scratch now since I've been trying to make everything else from scratch. You should see my cupcakes with royal frosting! YUM! Oh and I make an angel food cake (okay, that was from the box) but I made a strawberry whip cream frosting that was amazing! I was so impressed with myself. And it was for our neighbor girl's birthday and she was so happy!

My life has become so much more calm now that I'm back working with kids. I love just hanging out and learning together. They have so much energy so I get quite the workout (unfortunatly they give me a big appetite too so I haven't lost much weight yet)! My family has remarked how calm I've become. Not that I'm really a high strung person but I was running around like my ass was on fire a lot of the time. I have always known that there is something different in me when I work with kids. Nick used to laugh that I needed my weekly dose of kids to keep happy. I loved Abby, Lexie and Roxie coming over when I worked at Highland Manor, but it wasn't the same. Now I get to be really important in children's lives. Guess I should have stuck with the whole teaching career, but maybe someday that will happen.

Well I suppose I better get working on some stuff. I have a whole house to clean and want to get another chapter finished in my book! Nick's gone for the day so I better take advantage of it while I can!

To all of you at Highland Manor reading this: I MISS YOU GUYS LIKE CRAZY!

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